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Recognition Award Phrase Samples
Achievement Award
Presented to
John Doe
Best in Sales for the Year
Achievement Award
Presented to
John Doe
In Recognition of
Exceptional Accomplishments
California Credit Services
Awarded For Excellence
John Doe
Branch Office #14
Oregon Manufacturers
Team Excellence
Xerox Corp.
Presented to
In Recognition of Your Total
Commitment to Quality
Top Qualtiy Award
Presented to
North Bend
Production Line #1
In Recognition of
Your Outstanding
4th Quarter
Outstanding Service
Presented To
John Doe
In Grateful Appreciation of
Your 25 Years of Outstanding
Service and Dedication
(year - year)
Presented To
John Doe
In Grateful Appreciation
For Your Years of Outstanding
Service and Devotion
(company name)
Presented To
John Doe
In Grateful Appreciation For
Your Many Years Of
Dedication and Deligence
To The
Software Documentation
(company logo)
Presented To
John Doe
For Your
Service And Dedication
(company name)
Presented To
John Doe
In Appreciation For
Your Dedication and Devotion To
The Principles and Ideals of Our
(company name)
(Company Logo)
25 Years
Of Dedicated Service
John Doe
From The Smallest Project
To The Largest Undertaking
You Were Always There To
See It Through
Community Service Award
Presented to
John Doe
In grateful appreciation for your
outstanding dedicated service
to the people in your community.
Achievement Award
Presented to
John Doe
-For Your-
Dedicated Service And
Where They Counted Most


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